We’re a SaaS social credit scoring solution that increases conversion and approval rates for consumer lenders. We plan to be the first social data credit bureau servicing financial institutions. We’re focused on social data because it:

  1. Offers a personalized, internationally standard source of secure data optimized for millennials
  2. Makes thin-file, underbanked consumers eligible for more financial services
  3. Leverages a lot of the same data as traditional scores (i.e. education, employment…)

The problems with traditional credit scoring:

  1. Its biased against young, novice, mobile and underbanked populations
  2. It favors those with extensive credit history which, though safe, exclude many consumers
  3. Its inconsistent across geographies adding hurdles for mobile professionals

Our alternative social-scoring solution:

  1. Improves financial inclusion for underbanked, young and internationally mobile populations
  2. Increases conversion and approval for lenders by improving decision-making processes
  3. Ensures data protection through user-permissioned access only; no storage; no reselling
  4. Encourages objective credit decisioning by letting the data shape our scorecard; no human bias
  5. Fills the gap between real human creditworthiness and access to financial services