Last year as we entered the emerging markets (with special focus on India) we decided to go mobile. The main reason were requests we got by our customers and of course the “real world”…

And the real world was that more than 73% of our India users were coming from mobile devices while in Europe the average is still below 30%

We have hired a full mobile development team which is located in Wroclaw, Poland in our new product office.

The first milestone are our mobile apps (iOS and Android) already available on Appstore and Google Play but the main gamechanger will be our mobile SDK.

The SDK will enable our partners to customize and implent FriendlyScore within their mobile apps in less than 4 hours.

And it will be beautiful.

The preview is available on youtube:

The official launch of the public SDK comes beginning of April’17.

The beta version can be used after acontact with FriendlyScore team from end of February’17.